Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board
Board of Directors

An 18–member governing board meets monthly to oversee the TCMHRB’s budget, goals, plans, and policies. Ohio law contains requirements for Board makeup that include a psychiatrist, mental health professional, addiction professional, consumer of services, and family member. The Board’s makeup should also reflect the racial and gender composition of the service district.  Ten board members are appointed by the Trumbull County Commissioners and eight are appointed by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Appointments are for four years and board members can serve two consecutive terms.

To apply to the Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board for an Ohio Department of Mental Health and Recovery Services Board member appointment, please click on the below link and complete the application on line:

To apply to the Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery Board for an appointment by the Trumbull County Commissioners, please click on link to complete the attached Board member application:  Board Member Appointment Application

For all Board member applications please review the attached guidelines.



Carl Clark
2nd Term Expires 06/30/25

Lance Grahn - Vice President
1st Term Expires 06/30/25

Deborah Tominey
2nd Term Expires 06/30/24

Carol Henderson - President
2nd Term Expires 06/30/27

Louise Kline - Secretary
1st Term Expires 6/30/2025

Kevin Stringer
1st Term Expires 06/30/26

Rachel Nader
1st Term Expires 6/30/2024

Thomas Harwood
Partial term Expires 06/30/2024

Maria Placanica
2nd Term Expires 06/30/26



Virginia Cluse
2nd Term Expires 06/30/25

Julia Wike
1st Term Expires 06/30/24

Laura Green - Treasurer
1st Term Expires 06/30/26
Johnny Hugley
1st Term Expires 06/30/26

Larry Pavone
2nd Term Expires 06/30/24

Charles Baldwin
1st Term Expires 06/30/2027

Laurie Perry
1st term Expires 06/30/2027

Teri Lacy
1st Term Expires 06/30/2027