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The OneOhio Recovery Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation created under the leadership of Governor Mike DeWine and Attorney General Dave Yost, and other state and local leaders, with the mission advancing Ohio’s addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts now and into the future.

The Foundation is governed by a 29-member board representing 19 regions across the State and is funded by 55 percent of settlement funds that Ohio is receiving from the pharmaceutical industry as a consequence of its role in the national opioid epidemic. Funds support local efforts to prevent and combat addiction and are also invested to support those efforts for the long term.

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Mahoning and Trumbull Counties make up Region 7. For more information about Region 7, click here:


On March 4th, the 2024 Regional Grant Cycle will launch, with the 2024 Regional Grant Request for Proposals (RFP) posted and the new OneOhio Grant Portal going live, inviting all fighting on Ohio’s frontline against this epidemic to register in preparation for the application process set to launch in early April. All important information will be posted on OneOhio’s new Grant Headquarters webpage at

Process Overview & Key Dates

Below is an overview of what to expect as the 2024 Regional Grant Cycle gets underway:

  • Monday, March 4: 2024 Regional Grant RFP will be posted on the OneOhio Grant HQ webpage and prospective applicants can access the registration form on the OneOhio Grant Portal;

  • Tuesday, April 2: 2024 Regional Grant application will go live in the OneOhio Grant Portal;

  • Friday, May 3: Applications due in the OneOhio Grant Portal.

The 2024 Regional Grant Cycle will allocate up to approximately $51 million in awards and will be open to a diverse range of Ohio-based organizations, including non-profits, for-profits, and government entities who are deemed to be in good standing. The OneOhio MOU outlines Approved Purposes and the Ohio Abatement Strategies guiding eligible programs and services, all of which must be evidence-based, forward-looking strategies for prevention, treatment, recovery support services. Projects funded in 2024 may span 12, 24, or 36 months.

Following the application submission deadline, each of the OneOhio Regional Grant Review Committee will diligently review and recommend funding for projects within our regions. The Foundation’s Expert Panel will then evaluate nominations, ensuring alignment with evidence-based practices and Ohio Abatement Strategies, leading to recommendations by the OneOhio Grant Oversight Committee and required final approval by the Board of Directors.

Upcoming Events

As part of the Foundation’s efforts to support potential applicants throughout this new process, Foundation staff will partner with some of our OneOhio Region Boards to host events.

  • OneOhio Information Sessions: In partnership with various OneOhio Regions, the Foundation will host meetings around the state for anyone who wishes to learn more about the 2024 Regional Grant Cycle.

  • OneOhio Impact Academy Webinar Series: In partnership with experts around the state, the OneOhio Impact Academy Webinar Series will provide FREE webinars to highlight examples of programs and services that align with the Foundation’s Summarized Opioid Abatement Strategies. Foundation staff will be joined by leaders in various fields to share experiences and lessons learned in an effort to ensure the 2024 Regional Grant Cycle dollars positively impact prevention, treatment and recovery efforts across the state.

    The intended audience includes potential applicants and related stakeholders, such as nonprofit organizations, behavioral and/or mental health associations, government entities, service providers, and any other entities interested in applying for funding.

Topics covered during each webinar will include:

  • Overview of the highlighted abatement strategy

  • Evidence that supports the abatement strategy’s efficacy

  • Examples of programs and services that align with that strategy and could be funded with OneOhio dollars

  • Where to learn more about the highlighted strategy


  • March 5th at 10:00 am - Recovery Housing (RSVP Here)

  • March 11th at 2:30 pm - Recovery Supports (RSVP Here)

  • March 20th at 10:30 am - Prevention (RSVP Here)


More information about all upcoming OneOhio events will be posted on the Foundation’s website and shared via email with those signed up to receive Foundation updates.